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The following apps serve a variety of purposes and can be used by companies and organizations in many different industries. Take a look and see which ones can benefit you the most.

IMCO Software Logo


For the last 20 years, IMCO Software, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, has been developing, enhancing, and implementing software that makes Manufacturing and Distribution companies more efficient.

IMCO’s flagship product, IMCO – CIMAG MES, is a Manufacturing Execution System that dramatically enhances Shop Floor control. From Scheduling to Order Fulfillment, IMCO – CIMAG MES acquires data in real time directly from the source and uses that information to allow clients to manage their production, maintenance, and quality control activities.

The results speak for themselves: clients that have implemented IMCO – CIMAG MES have, on average, experienced:

  • A 16% reduction in the manufacturing cycle
  • A 20% improvement in Planned vs. Emergency Maintenance
  • A 27% increase in annual Inventory turns
  • A 10% Production Schedule attainment improvement, and a 13% decrease in rework and scrap

IMCO Software has developed a full version of its MES software geared to smaller manufacturers with up to 16 production machines. It is fully integrated with Fishbowl and priced affordably for that size clients.

If you are interested in participating in the Industry 4.0 revolution and competing with much larger players in the manufacturing and distribution space, visit IMCO Software: https://www.imcosoftware.com

Tarabyte Logo


Information is power. Fishbowl offers over 100 reports so you can compile, review, and prepare your company data. These reports are fantastic but may not meet your needs 100%. We’ll work with you to uncover the perfect report structure and build custom reports that give you the information you need. As your company grows and changes, we’ll make sure your reporting structure matches your growth so you stay ahead of the game. We also offer standard report packages by management function.


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LilyPad for Fishbowl is a subsidiary of Sharpe Concepts, a longtime Preferred Fishbowl Partner. LilyPad for Fishbowl provides fully integrated tools for Fishbowl users, developed in conjunction with the Fishbowl Developers Network and fully tested by Fishbowl Certified application technicians. Years of distribution and manufacturing experience merge with Fishbowl expertise to provide intelligent applications and services to make your Fishbowl implementation more effective.


VA Partners


VA Partners have been creating technical solutions for businesses since 2009. They specialize in the areas of Business Automation, System Integrations, Custom Business Process-Based Apps, and Business Intelligence and Reporting. They have a deep understanding of business processes and are able to create technical products to fit the individual and often unique needs of the customer. They have a fast turnaround and solid consulting and support. That’s why when people come to them, they stay with them for years.